Sexuality Coaching
If you would like guidance in the area of sexuality, I offer sexuality coaching sessions.
Talk Sessions – By Phone
We will discuss where you are in your sexuality now and how to create the type of sex life you desire! Tell me your own personal situation & allow me to give you ideas!  Let’s develop an action plan to guide you to reaching heightened states of bliss!
When talking on the phone or doing a skype session, please realize this is not a fantasy session. This means all clothes stay on! This is strictly a coaching session designed to enhance your sex life!
Pre-Assessment Intake Phone Session – 30 minutes – $50
The main objective for this phone call is to find out your sexual concerns & to see if I would be the person best qualified to serve those needs. In this time frame we will not have enough time to develop a plan, we will only discuss your concerns & desires!
Talk Session Rates by PHONE:
1 hour Session – $100
4 Sessions – $375
All Talk Sessions can be paid via PayPal, Amazon Gift Card or
How does work? takes the funds directly from your debit card and my name & info doesn’t go on your statement. it will say:
Talk Session Rates by SKYPE:
1 hour Session – $150
4 Sessions – $575
If you are interested in setting up a coaching session, please email: me or fill out my Contact Form. Thanks!