I handle all requests myself, I do not have an assistant. Text or Leave a Voicemail: 917-274-7875



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How much advance notice do you need? Minimum 24 hr advance notice required.
Fill out this form completely. Send a link to your company web site or LinkedIn page. You can send me an email from your Company email address to my dummy email address that can't be linked to my identity. Once I receive your email from your company email address, your email is immediately deleted. Only I check all my communications in all forms, I do not have any assistant. I do this so my name Romi and/or username: nycromi is NOT ever in your business email system. I am extremely private & understand the need for discretion. If you are retired, I still need to know who you are. Again, fill out this form so I can get back to you quickly! Or send me an email w/ the info I am asking you on this form!
What methods of payment do you accept? Cash, CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, Bank Wire, Some Gift Cards
Are deposits required? Yes, I ask for 50% deposit to reserve my time and this amount will be credited toward your total amount spent. You can send me a deposit via a Gift card, Venmo or CashApp.
Q: Do you have a cancellation policy? A: Life happens. I ask for at least 24 hours notice for all cancellations. Last minute cancellations will incur be a 50% cancellation consideration fee. If I need to cancel and you've left a deposit, 100% of it is returned to you immediately.
Q: Is my info stored on your phone? A: Yes, but not your work info. I only use work info 1 time to verify who you are. I delete it immediately after I do my 1 time phone call to you at your work place. I do keep your phone/email so we have communication for our experience. I either abbreviate your name or use a code where only I know what your info means to me! PLEASE do the same for me in return. Do not enter my name in your phone as Romi. Enter it as Rachel. Even at times I may refer myself to you as Rachel if I think you have prying eyes on your phone or computer. As you can see, I’m EXTREMELY security conscious!
Q: Can I call you before we meet to see how we click? A: I include a 10 min phone call before we meet. Anything over 10 min is considered a phone chat.
Q: Do you see Newbies? A: Yes!
Q: Can I see you on Skype/WhatsApp before I make my deposit and Book My Experience? A: No. You can see my constantly updated pics on twitter or my Free Onlyfans or here on my site.
Q: Can we meet for a drink before our time together? A: Yes, it's $100 for a half hour at the bar
Q: Do you have a girlfriend? A: Yes! I love to do duos! However, keep in mind I'm very selective when choosing the right companion for us to share time with. That means it may take some TIME to contact her, see when she's available, and go over the details! There is a $50 set up fee to cover my time in coordinating this experience! Q: Do you have a guy friend who can join us? A: No, I don’t provide those type of experiences!
Q: Are you disability friendly? A: Yes! I’m extremely caring & adaptable to many situations! You are welcome to describe your situation in the comments area of my form.