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Q: How much advance notice do you need? A: As much as possible! Every girl likes her time to get ready for a date! Sometimes I'm available the same day! You are welcome to ask me! Send me an email w/ screening info!
Q: What is your screening process? A: There are 2 options for screening & sometimes I will ask for both of them. Screening Option 1: Send a link to your company web site or LinkedIn page. Do not send Facebook links. Send a phone # to the main line of your work place where I can ask for you. Do NOT send a direct line in which you pick up! Include what you want me to say when calling: Example: “This is Ms. Bach from Chase bank returning his call.” -OR- You can send me an email to my dummy email address that can't be linked to my identity. This address will be given thru my regular email: Once I receive your email from your company email address, your email is immediately deleted. Only I check all my communications in all forms, I do not have any assistant. I do this so my name nycromi is NOT ever in your business email system. Screening Option 2: Provide 2 references to other ladies you have met within the last 2 years. Include her website link, twitter handle, email, & phone number. If you are retired: Send me info on who you are. If you are super high profile business man, do not worry this is the caliber of gents I have entertained before. Your info is private with me. There must be a mutual trust. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT SCREENING EMAIL ME PLEASE!
Q: Do you tour? A: No, I don't tour. If you would like me to come to your city, you would need to bring me to you. That is a 'FlyMeToYou' Experience! I am EXTREMELY selective in whom I choose to spend my time with. We will need to connect online 1st before we meet. How do you know if we are 'connecting?' You will feel it & I will let you know!
Q: What methods of payment do you accept? A: Cash, Amazon gift card up to $500, PayPal, Personal Check made to Cash if I know you. Q: How should I handle the remaining consideration after I secure my time with a deposit? A: Please be sure the consideration is available upon my arrival. Please leave it in an unsealed envelope on the counter in the bathroom. When meeting in public, please present it to me either in a card, envelope or gift bag. I should never have to ask for it as it will spoil the moment!
Q: Are deposits required? A: Yes a $200 deposit is required to hold the date. The deposit can be handled via PayPal, Amazon e-Gift Card or CashApp. When you are ready to make your deposit, I will give you my email I use. When using Amazon, just purchase the Gift Card and take a pic of it w/ your phone, send me the pic w/ the code. or type the code into an email.
Q: Do you have a cancellation policy? A: Life happens. I ask for at least 24 hours notice for all cancellations. Last minute cancellations will incur be a 50% cancellation consideration fee. If I need to cancel and you've left a deposit, 100% of it is returned to you immediately.
Q: Is my info stored on your phone? A: Yes, but not your work info. I only use work info 1 time to verify who you are. I delete it immediately after I do my 1 time phone call to you at your work place. I do keep your phone/email so we have communication for our experience. I either abbreviate your name or use a code where only I know what your info means to me! PLEASE do the same for me in return. Do not enter my name in your phone as Romi. Enter it as Rachel. Even at times I may refer myself to you as Rachel if I think you have prying eyes on your phone or computer. As you can see, I’m EXTREMELY security conscious!
Q: Can I send you an email describing how I want my experience? A: Yes, please keep it to no more than 3 paragraphs and respect my time to read it!
Q: Can I call you before we meet to see how we click? A: I include a 10 min phone call before we meet. Anything over 10 min is considered a phone chat. I do not do sexy phone chats w/ just anyone. You must ask.
Q: I text you, why didn't you text me back? A: If you didn't include a date when you're requesting to meet, then I will ignore the message! I get too many messages every day and the only ones I respond to are the serious ones inquiring about my time!
Q: Do you see Newbies? A: Yes! If you don’t have references, I can screen you in a different way!
Q: Will you text me some pics? A: Yes if I know you! Q: Can I text you my pic? A: Yes, but NO Dick Pics or your message will be deleted!
Q: Can I see you on Skype/WhatsApp before I make my deposit and Book My Experience? A: Yes! Web cam rates will be posted soon! Also, I post new pics & videos clips WEEKLY on my site & my Twitter feed. You can see I don’t Photoshop my pics and what you see is what you get!
Q: Once we’ve met, can I contact you just to say “Hi!” without a specific request? A: Yes, of course you may stay in touch just to say “Hi!” but ONLY in an email! Text msg are used for scheduling. If you want to say Hi, send me an email please, not a text!
Q: Can I request you to wear a certain style? A: Yes, you may request a style, however, keep in mind I have hot outfits and you will see what I will wear right here in the pics!
Q: Can we meet for a drink before our time together? A: Yes, it's $50 for a half hour to have drinks!
Q: Do you have a girlfriend? A: Yes! I love to do duos! However, keep in mind I'm very selective when choosing the right companion for us to share time with. That means it may take some TIME to contact her, see when she's available, and go over the details! There is a $50 set up fee to cover my time in coordinating this experience! Q: Do you have a guy friend who can join us? A: No, I don’t provide those type of experiences!
To book a Fly Me To You Experience, there is a $2K min plus all travel expenses. To hold the time, a 50% deposit is required. If you have questions that aren't covered here, you may email me at or text 917-274-7875 When inquiring, please put the words 'FlyMeToYou' in the subject line!
Q: Are you disability friendly? A: Yes! I’m extremely caring & adaptable to many situations!